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Core Faculty 

    • Umberto Mignozzettiumignozzetti_psci.png
      Assistant Teaching Professor of Computational Social Science and Political Science
      Comparative Political Economy, Experimental Political Science, Formal Modeling, Political Methodology, Welfare
    • wstyler_ling.png

      Will Styler
      Program Director, Computational Social Science & Associate Teaching Professor of Linguistics
      Computational Linguistics, Acoustic Phonetics, Speech Perception

    • strott_cogsci.png

      Sean Trott
      Assistant Teaching Professor of Computational Social Science and Cognitive Science
      Ambiguity, Pragmatic Inference, Computational Linguistics, Language Evolution

Affiliated Faculty


  • Jade d’Alpoim Guedes

    Jade d’Alpoim Guedes

    Associate Professor of Anthropology
    Archaeology, Climate Change, Archaeobotany, Earth and Planetary Science, Agriculture
  • Patrick Keolu Fox

    Patrick Keolu Fox

    Assistant Professor of Anthropology
    Genome Sequencing, Genome Engineering, Computational Biology, Evolutionary Genetics, Paleogenetics, Indigenizing Biomedical Research

Cognitive Science

  • Ben Bergen

    Ben Bergen

    Professor of Cognitive Science
    Psycholinguistics, Natural Language Understanding, Computational Linguistics, Neural Language Models
  • Sarah Creel

    Sarah Creel

    Professor of Cognitive Science
    Language development, word recognition, eye tracking, cognitive control, music perception

  • Steven Dow

    Steven Dow

    Associate Professor of Cognitive Science
    Human-Computer Interaction, Social Computing, Design
  • Jason Fleischer

    Jason Fleischer

    Machine Learning, Time-restricted Eating, Biological Age Prediction, Computational Neuroscience, Racial Disparities in Policing and Justice System
  • Philip Guo

    Philip Guo

    Associate Professor of Cognitive Science
    Human-Computer Interaction, Design, Online Learning, Computing Education, Programmer Productivity
  • Jim Hollan

    Jim Hollan

    Distinguished Professor of Cognitive Science
    Cognitive Ethnography, Distributed and Embodied Cognition, Human-Computer Interaction, Multimodal Interaction
  • Terry L. Jernigan

    Terry L. Jernigan

    Distinguished Professor of Cognitive Science, Psychiatry, and Radiology
    Human Brain and Behavioral Development, Developmental Population Neuroscience
  • Eran Mukamel

    Eran Mukamel

    Associate Professor of Cognitive Science
    Neuroscience, Genomics, Bioinformatics
  • Douglas Nitz

    Douglas Nitz

    Professor and Chair of Cognitive Science
    Neural Basis of Spatial Cognition and Episodic Memory, Hippocampus, Parietal Cortex, Premotor Cortex
  • Virginia de Sa

    Virginia de Sa

    Professor of Cognitive Science
    Machine Learning, Computational Neuroscience, Brain-Computer Interfaces

  • Sean Trott

    Sean Trott

    Assistant Teaching Professor of Computational Social Science and Cognitive Science
    Computational Linguistics, Human Language, Neural Language Models
  • Bradley Voytek

    Bradley Voytek

    Professor of Cognitive Science
    Cognitive Neuroscience, Computational Neuroscience, Data Science
  • Drew E. Walker

    Drew E. Walker

    Assistant Teaching Professor of Cognitive Science
    Social Cognition; Teaching and Learning
  • Haijun Xia

    Haijun Xia

    Assistant Professor of Cognitive Science
    Human-Computer Interaction, Creativity Support Tools, Augmented/Mixed/Virtual Reality, Multimodal Interaction, Information/Data Visualization


  • Andrew deWaard

    Andrew deWaard

    Associate Professor of Communication
    Political economy of media, financialization, cultural industries, media consolidation, digital humanities
  • Kelly Gates

    Kelly Gates

    Associate Professor of Communication and Science Studies
    Critical Analysis of Digital Media Technologies, Politics and Social Implications of Computerization and the Automation of Surveillance in the United States from the mid-Twentieth Century to Present
  • Stuart Geiger

    Stuart Geiger

    Assistant Professor of Communication and Halicioglu Data Science Institute
    Social, Cultural, and Political Aspects of Data Science, Machine Learning, and AI; Governance and Moderation of Online Platforms; Text Analysis & NLP; Mixed Methods; Community-Centered Design; Digital Ethnography; Auditing of Machine Learning Models
  • Lilly Irani

    Lilly Irani

    Associate Professor of Communication
    (858) 534-3572
    Labor, Surveillance, Ethics, Democratic Shaping of Technology


  • David Arnold

    David Arnold

    Assistant Teaching Professor
    Labor Economics, Discrimination, Algorithmic Fairness
  • Eli Berman

    Eli Berman

    Professor of Economics
    Conflict & Economics
  • Richard Carson

    Richard Carson

    Distinguished Professor of Economics
    Environmental Valuation, Climate Change, Environment and Development, Fisheries
  • Songzi Du

    Songzi Du

    Associate Professor of Economics
    Game Theory, Mechanism Design, Market Microstructure

  • Fabian Eckert

    Fabian Eckert

    Assistant Professor of Economics
    Inequality, Cities, Data
  • Graham Elliot

    Graham Elliot

    Professor of Economics
  • Aram Grigoryan

    Aram Grigoryan

    Assistant Teaching Professor
    Market Design, Matching Theory, Game Theory, Economics and Computation
  • Nir Jaimovich

    Nir Jaimovich

    Anonymous Family Chancellor Endowed Chair in Macroeconomics, Professor
    Applied Macroeconomics, Business Cycles, Labor Market
  • Xinwei Ma

    Xinwei Ma

    Assistant Professor of Economics
    Non/Semiparametric econometrics, Causal Inference, Program Evaluation
  • Yixiao Sun

    Yixiao Sun

    Professor of Economics
    Time Series Econometrics, Nonparametric Econometrics, Causal Inference and Machine Learning
  • Kaspar Wuthrich

    Kaspar Wuthrich

    Assistant Professor of Economics
    Quantile Methods, Synthetic and Counterfactual Controls, High-Dimensional Prediction and Inference, Inference in Experiments, Detecting P-Hacking
  • Ying Zhu

    Ying Zhu

    Assistant Professor of Economics
    High-Dimensional Estimation and Inference, Nonasymptotic Statistics, Semiparametric and Nonparametric Methods, Panel/Longitudinal Data Analysis (with Both i.i.d. and Temporal Features), Integration of Economic Models and Machine Learning, Causal Inference, Bayesian Methods 

Education Studies

  • Christoforos Mamas

    Christoforos Mamas

    Assistant Professor
    Social Network Analysis, Special Education, Relational Inclusion, Inclusive Education, Social Participation
  • Beth Simon

    Beth Simon

    Teaching Professor of Education Studies
    Computing Education, Active Learning, Online Education, Technology-Enhanced Education, Peer Instruction

Ethnic Studies


Political Science

  • Scott Desposato

    Scott Desposato

    Professor of Political Science
    Comparative Politics (Latin America), Democratic Institutions, Research, Ethics, and Methodology
  • James Fowler

    James Fowler

    Professor of Political Science
    Social Networks, Evolution, Politics, Genetics, Big Data
  • Erik Gartzke

    Erik Gartzke

    Professor of Political Science
    International Security, Security Studies, Peace & Conflict Studies, International Relations Theory, International Politics, Diplomacy, Geopolitics, Economic Development
  • Seth Hill

    Seth Hill

    Professor of Political Science
    American Politics, Campaigns and Elections, Political Methodology, Bayesian Statistics and Computation; Decision Theory
  • Umberto Mignozzetti

    Umberto Mignozzetti

    Assistant Teaching Professor of Computational Social Science and Political Science
    Comparative Politics, Political Economy Tools, Formal Modeling, Elite and Popular Surveys
  • Margaret (Molly) Roberts

    Margaret (Molly) Roberts

    Associate Professor of Political Science
    Political Science, Statistics, Comparative Politics, Political Methodology
  • Kaare Strom

    Kaare Strom

    Distinguished Professor of Political Science
    Comparative Politics, National Legislatures, Legislator Careers, Coalition Bargaining
  • David Wiens

    David Wiens

    Associate Professor of Political Science, Faculty Affiliate, Department of Philosophy, Fellow for the Center on Global Justice  
    Political Philosophy, Philosophy of Social Science, Formal Political Theory



Urban Studies and Planning

Departments Outside School of Social Sciences

  • Henrik Christensen

    Henrik Christensen

    Distinguished Professor, Computer Science & Engineering
    Robotics, AI and computer vision

  • Natalia Komarova

    Natalia Komarova

    Professor of Mathematics, Dean's Scholar
    Mathematical modeling of complex social phenomena, language evolution, color categorization, opinion dynamics, learning


  •  Ruixue Jia

    Ruixue Jia

    Associate Professor, School of Global Policy & Strategy
    Political Economy, Science and Technology
  • William Mullins

    William Mullins

    Assistant Professor of Finance, Rady School of Management
    Corporate Finance, Entrepreneurial Finance, Banking